Saving animals and improving the lives of people



    New Leash On Life Rescue Foundation was established in 1997 as a 501 c3 nonprofit public charity with a mission to rescue homeless dogs from Los Angeles City and County shelters, rehabilitate them medically or behaviorally and re-home them with forever families. New Leash On Life has a rich history in the rescue and animal welfare industry including rescue and re-home of over 5,000 dogs and providing programs and events to educate and train adults and children and contribute to the greater solution. Our support efforts also extend to Search & Rescue disaster relief missions throughout the nation including Hurricanes Gustov, Katrina, Rita and the wild fires of Southern California.

    Since 2005 our Lend A Paw program has trained volunteer handler & therapy dog teams to visit facilities and provide Canine Assisted Therapy for individuals experiencing physical, mental, emotional or life challenges in care facilities, schools for children with special needs, child custody court, abused women’s shelters, missions and veteran groups.

    The Training Program provides the dog with the proper quality of training and provides the handlers with the necessary knowledge, skills, tools and continuous support to achieve success with their new companion. We strongly encourage a continuous maintenance regiment as a proactive means to circumvent complacency leading to obedience or behavioral regression.


    Contact us  661.255.0097    PO Box 2240-587 Toluca Lake CA 91610