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    Have you considered fostering a rescue dog? Fostering is a great way to prepare a dog for its forever home by incorporating the dog into a home environment. While kennels are fine for temporary housing, they aren’t ideal to help transition a dog into a home where there are different noises, smells, and interactions than in a kennel setting. In a home, a dog learns to walk nicely around a neighborhood where they can see kids and other dogs in the area. Some dogs who come from the shelter may not have ever been inside a house as they were “outside” dogs only. They don’t know what a vacuum or microwave or maybe even a couch is and may not know how to react to the strange noises and furniture. When our dogs are fostered, we get a better idea of what kind of dog they are in an environment where they will eventually stay. Having a dog in a foster home means that we have the space to go and rescue one more dog from the shelter so it’s a win-win! If you’re interested in fostering, please contact us at 661.255.0097 or


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