When you refer a friend to board, train, or daycare with us, your dog will receive a free activity during their next stay! Our activities include dog walking, dog park time, pool time, personal play, and doggy socialization! We greatly appreciate our clients and your continued business. Without you, we cannot continue rescuing homeless dogs from the shelters. Thank you for your support!


Indie, a young and beautiful Rottweiler, is boarding at our facility and is currently enrolled in our 4-week obedience boot camp! During Indie's stay, she receives three training sessions a day and is learning good doggy manners. The training consists of teaching dogs not to jump on people, walking politely on leash, sitting, staying, coming when called, and lying down. She is also being crate-trained during her stay with us to provide her owners with helpful tools to ensure Indie's continued success when she goes home.

Board & Swim!

Now that the weather is warming up again, your dog can enjoy cooling off in our built-in swimming pool! "Pool Time" is an activity that we offer to clients that would like their dog to have some swimming time during their boarding stay. If your dog doesn't much care to swim, but still enjoy cooling down by splashing around, our pool is equipped with a large standing area where your dog can walk around in the water without being fully submerged.

May Adoptions and Fosters

Frazier was quite an amazing rescue. Just a puppy, Frazier had all the good nature, behavior and attitude of a much older dog. So much so that we considered using him for our Lend A Paw therapy dog program. Frazier came to us from the Lancaster shelter where they had picked him up as a stray. He had so many homes interested in adopting him it is a surprise that he even got out of isolation before he went home! But now he's in his perfect forever home where he can run and play with the kids and relax in the house with mom and dad. Congratulations Frazier!