When you refer a friend to board, train, or daycare with us, your dog will receive a free activity during their next stay! Our activities include dog walking, dog park time, pool time, personal play, and doggy socialization! We greatly appreciate our clients and your continued business. Without you, we cannot continue rescuing homeless dogs from the shelters. Thank you for your support!


Indie, a young and beautiful Rottweiler, is boarding at our facility and is currently enrolled in our 4-week obedience boot camp! During Indie's stay, she receives three training sessions a day and is learning good doggy manners. The training consists of teaching dogs not to jump on people, walking politely on leash, sitting, staying, coming when called, and lying down. She is also being crate-trained during her stay with us to provide her owners with helpful tools to ensure Indie's continued success when she goes home.

Board & Swim!

Now that the weather is warming up again, your dog can enjoy cooling off in our built-in swimming pool! "Pool Time" is an activity that we offer to clients that would like their dog to have some swimming time during their boarding stay. If your dog doesn't much care to swim, but still enjoy cooling down by splashing around, our pool is equipped with a large standing area where your dog can walk around in the water without being fully submerged.

Free Grooming!

When you board with New Leash On Life, you have the option of choosing boarding packages that come with free grooming! Depending on the length of your dog's stay, we offer packages that cater to your dog's activity preferences. At the end of your dog's stay, he/she can receive a bath, brush, cut, and blow dry! Below is a list of our packages:

Boarding Package 1: choose any 2 activities + free grooming!

Boarding Package 2: choose any 4 activities + free grooming!

Boarding Package 3: choose any 6 activities + free grooming!

Shuttle Service for Your Dog!

Unable to transport your dog to our boarding/grooming facility? Maybe you've got a flight to catch, are having car troubles, or don't have access to a vehicle of your own. Worry no more! With Wagtime Walks now teaming up with New Leash On Life, your dog can catch a dog taxi over to our facility!

Joanne Eberts is a longtime resident of the Santa Clarita Valley and opened up her pet taxi business in 2014:

Thanksgiving reservations

In case the Christmas decorations fooled you, Thanksgiving is only a week and a half away!

Are you going on vacation and need to board your dog for several days? Do you have allergic friends or family and need to have your dog away from the home during the festivities? New Leash On Life can help with both.


Dinner time is always a favorite time of day at New Leash On Life, for dogs and staff! This picture was taken last October – we couldn’t help but giggle over the sight of all those bowls. Does your family vacation during the summer months? If so, make sure your precious pet is taken care of while you are gone. Find more information and make a reservation (as you can tell we can get very busy so book as soon as possible) at #flashbackfriday

Updates from The ranch

At New Leash On Life, it should be no surprise that our professional staff care for our rescue and boarding dog's health and safety. That is why this past weekend we had the wonderful Denise from Sunny-Dog Ink teach Pet CPR and First Aid to our entire staff and a few volunteers. It was a rousing success, where we learned how to assess a situation, remain calm, and use CPR and First Aid skills.

National Adoption Weekend

We had a very successful time participating in PetSmart's National Adoption Weekend event!

We went to three of our regular PetSmart locations over the course of the weekend... we gave away tons of boarding and volunteering flyers, raised about $75 in donations for the A/C unit fundraiser, and two of our rescue dogs found loving furever homes!

Volunteer Spotlight

Everybody (and every dog) at New Leash On Life put on a big smile when Cheryl walks through the door. In honor of her exemplary volunteerism, read on for a fun Q & A with Cheryl. If you would like a chance to volunteer at New Leash On Life, visit our website at


Q: How long have you been volunteering with New Leash On Life?

A: 8 months

Q: What is your favorite aspect of volunteering with us?