Dash was adopted!

Dash has 'dashed' right out the door with his new family, and we say family because he will be surrounded by his adopter's roommates and their dogs.

We will miss him but as always we are happy to see them find their forever homes.

Thanksgiving reservations

In case the Christmas decorations fooled you, Thanksgiving is only a week and a half away!

Are you going on vacation and need to board your dog for several days? Do you have allergic friends or family and need to have your dog away from the home during the festivities? New Leash On Life can help with both.

Great start to November adoptions

This has been an amazing late October/November for adoptions - and it is only the first week. Barkley, Kane, Marlo, and Kipp & Rhys (together!) were adopted within this week alone. We couldn't be any happier for them! The icing on the cake is that lets us pull more dogs from the county shelters for our rescue. There are 5 new-to-our-rescue adoptable dogs awaiting to meet their forever families. Keep an eye on our website for their adoption photos and profiles.

Thank you team scv

New Leash On Life staff cannot say enough good things about Team SCV volunteers. Not only were they courteous and thorough, you could tell that they LOVE all dogs. On Saturday they put up Halloween decorations, cleaned our facility and outside pens, and socialized with our adoptable rescue dog, Kane. It was a great morning and we can't wait to see them all again.

Snowcone is available for adoption

Snowcone has been anxiously waiting for the fall weather, and she is still waiting to meet her forever family. New Leash On Life rescued her from a public adoption event during a hot, summer weekend. Even though she has been here since May, she remains playful and sweet. She loves her toys and is very well mannered in a crate and on car rides. Best of all she is kid and dog-friendly! Fill out an adoption application for Snowcone today!

Purebred or mixed breed?

Current U.S. presidential debates have temporarily set our country ablaze and left citizens two very opposite and unique candidates to choose from this November election. Meanwhile, in the doggy world, another debate continues amongst dog lovers: purebred or mutt?

You may have heard people casually comment that “purebreds have more health problems,” or that mutts “are unpredictable.” Data presented in 2015 by The Institute of Canine Biology sought to put an end to the arguments by providing statistics and research on this very subject.