December Tips

    Ashly’s Training Tip of the Month

    The holidays are coming up and that means a lot of fun and exciting things, but also some potentially unnerving things for your dog. During the holidays with all the cooking, shopping, and other activities that go on, it can be easy to forget to walk Fido, or to feed him later or earlier than usual. However, if your dog is getting less exercise, this could lead to anxiety or boredom which could lead to chewing or other unwanted behaviors. A change in their eating habits could lead to diarrhea or accidents in the house. Despite the busyness in our human lives, it is important to remember to keep your dog on the relatively same schedule with exercise and mealtimes as best as you can and that will ensure he or she enjoys the holidays as much as you do.

    Also around the holidays, the expectation is that there will be lots of friends and family visiting. If your dog is timid around new people, or when there are too many people, you may consider getting them a crate. The crate will give them a safe place to go and hang out until they feel more comfortable around your visitors. Be sure to introduce them to the crate before anyone comes over and make it special by giving them their favorite toy or treat in there. Don’t shut the door until they seem nicely snuggled into their favorite blanket or treat-filled kong. When family and friends come over, especially if they’ve never met your dog before, it’s imperative that they ignore your dog completely until your dog is ready to greet them. This will ensure the proper greeting between your dog and your guests and will make your dog the most comfortable with new people being in the home.

    Happy holidays!


    Grooming Tip of the Month

    Do you have a wrinkly dog in your household? Bulldogs, shar peis, mastiffs, and pugs are just some of the breeds who come with adorable smushy faces and folds in their skin. Those folds, however, can become traps for bacteria and dirt causing irritation and infections. Keep your squishy-faced dog clean by using baby wipes to wipe between skin folds. To help protect the skin and repel moisture, use products like Vaseline or balm to help soothe skin.

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